01. Marc felt [betrayed] when Pamela left him for another guy.
02. The President [betrayed] us by raising taxes after promising not to do so.
03. The government is offering thousands of dollars to rebels who are willing to [betray] their leaders and join the fight against the revolution.
04. The gang members killed a man who was accused of [betraying] them to the police.
05. He [betrayed] his party by refusing to defend his leader in the press.
06. You told my boyfriend I kissed another guy at the party? I can't believe you [betrayed] me like that!
07. He [betrayed] his principles when he voted to support the cuts to the education budget.
08. He said nothing to his wife when she accused him of having an affair, afraid that his voice would [betray] him.
09. The union's support of the deal is viewed by many members as an act of [betrayal].
10. Militants within the party are calling for the leader's resignation, saying that he has [betrayed] the party's principles.
11. He was imprisoned for [betraying] his country after telling the international press of his country's secret nuclear weapons program.
12. The old man [betrayed] his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis.
13. The morning light in her face really [betrayed] her age.
14. She [betrayed] my confidence by reading my private diary and then talking about it with friends.
15. A Basque proverb suggests that a face that never laughs [betrays] an evil heart.
16. An Italian proverb notes that if someone [betrays] you once, it's his fault, but if he [betrays] you twice, it's your fault.
17. A Spanish proverb notes that love, pain, and money cannot be kept secret. They soon [betray] themselves.
18. Judith Rossner once said that it is easier to [betray] than to remain loyal.
19. Isaac Bashevis Singer once observed that when you [betray] someone else, you also [betray] yourself.
20. Anne Frank and her family hid from the Gestapo for over two years before finally being [betrayed] and sent to a concentration camp.
21. Judas Iscariot [betrayed] Jesus Christ with a kiss on the cheek.

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